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Packed with the essential nutrients that help to combat the unique teeth, gum, digestive, and weight problems commonly faced by small dogs, Royal Canin Mini Adult is the perfect pet food to help maintain your pet’s general health.

Royal Canin Mini Adult is specifically formulated to meet small dogs’ unique dietary requirements. Small dogs often suffer from a low metabolism, but the appetite of a much larger dog. When not monitored, this puts them at risk of gaining excess weight. Royal Canin Mini Adult includes L-carnitine to stimulate the metabolism of fat reserves and maintain a healthy body weight.

Royal Canin Mini Adult is brimming with the nutrients needed to strike at the cause of infection. Left untreated, tartar build-up can cause serious tooth infections and harmful digestive problems. Royal Canin Mini Adult is also high in sulphur amino-acids, omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamin A, which all contribute to giving your dog’s coat a glorious and healthy sheen.

Key features:

  • high in L-carnitine to stimulate metabolism and regulate body weight
  • high in sodium polyphosphates that fight tartar build-up, preventing tooth decay and digestive problems
  • includes sulphur amino-acids, omega 6, and vitamin A maintain the vitality of your dog’s coat
  • designed to appeal to the fussy appetites of small dogs.

Royal Canin Mini Adult can be used as the mainstay of your small dog’s diet. As a food for minis, it is designed for dogs weighing between one kilogram and 10 kilograms at adult age – including toy breeds. If you use Royal Canin Mini Adult as part of your dog’s regular diet, you should see a noticeably healthier coat, healthier teeth and gums, and improvement in your dog’s general wellbeing.

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